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The Full-Arch Restoration with PermaBridge Process

Day One
Approximately 1 Hour

We begin the process with an initial consultation, which is a thorough examination of the condition of both existing and missing dentition as well as the supporting structures, while also covering off on the patient’s personal health history. An initial radiograph will be taken at this appointment for evaluation, and treatment options, and financial arrangements will be thoroughly discussed.

One-Two Weeks
Approximately 2 Hours

The next step is the records appointment. During this period, we conduct an initial impression, photo analysis, and bite registration. The tooth shade and form for the intermediate prosthesis will also be thoroughly discussed. And, during this appointment, the surgery date will be scheduled. At this stage, a surgical guide is fabricated based on the collected information and the desired final prosthesis. A Cone Beam CT scan will also be taken to be act as a surgical guide and assist with the virtual implant planning of the case. An optional wax-try-on may be necessary, adding an additional appointment in this phase.

Surgery Date
Time Varies per Case

For the surgery, IV or general anesthesia is used based on the patient’s health history and thorough discussions during previous appointments. During the procedure, all teeth on the affected arch will be removed and any necessary bony reduction or grafting is completed. If possible, high quality dental implants are placed immediately by utilizing the surgical guides prepared in the prior appointment. Then, a Denture is converted to a fixed bridge if the stability of the implants allows. If the implants do not reach adequate stability, a delayed approach may be necessary. A high-quality complete denture would be relined.

Final Impressions
Approximately 2 Hours

At this stage, the transitional prosthesis is removed, and final impressions are taken. Records may also be taken at this appointment. Any changes from the transitional prosthesis will be discussed at this time.

Approximately 1-2 Hours

During this appointment, a fixed try-on of the teeth in wax will occur. This stage of the process allows for refinement of the tooth position, aesthetics, phonetics, and occlusion (bite). From here, final approvals will be given, allowing for the final delivery.

Final Delivery
Approximately 1-2 Hours

At this final appointment, the prosthesis is delivered, and maintenance instructions are given to the patient. A two-week follow-up will be scheduled, allowing for any necessary adjustments. The patient will then be placed on a 4-6 month recall for regular cleaning and maintenance with their general dentist.