Full-Arch Restoration With PermaBridge

About Full-Arch Restoration with PermaBridge

Full-Arch Restoration with PermaBridge is a dental implant solution that replaces all of a patient’s upper teeth, lower teeth, or both sets. Each patient and dental case is unique and requires flexibility ranging from the dental materials used to the number of implants required. Our Prosthodontist and skilled team will guide you through these choices for optimum function and aesthetics.

  • 4-8 dental implants are used to support this fixed restoration
  • Often called a Hybrid Denture, Full-Arch Restoration with PermaBridge is a unique mixture of a bridge and a denture
  • Allows for the replacement of multiple teeth & missing gum tissue to help prevent bone loss
  • Permanent restorations that provide high functionality and pleasing aesthetics

Full Arch: Porcelain Option

Our premium option consists of a titanium or Pekkton (polymer) framework with individual lithium disilicate reinforced porcelain crowns. These crowns offer optimum aesthetics and strength, along with a full range of custom capabilities. Porcelain is an ideal choice for many patients thanks to its natural wear characteristics, which mimics natural enamel. In fact, these crowns can even be textured and characterized to an individual’s preferences.

Full Arch: Acrylic Option

With the Acrylic option and materials, a titanium or chrome cobalt framework is fabricated to support cross-linked and layered premium denture teeth. This option provides patients with a cost-effective restoration method, while offering a beautiful result, all without compromising function.

Advantages of Full-Arch Restoration with PermaBridge

Take control of your smile, restore your confidence, and improve your oral health by choosing Full-Arch Restoration with PermaBridge as your dental restoration of choice. Explore the benefits below and see why Full-Arch Restoration with PermaBridge is the perfect solution for you and your smile.

  • Trusted team of multi-specialty doctors, surgeons, and experts
  • Fully functional restorations that act like natural teeth
  • Highly aesthetically pleasing, mimicking the look of natural teeth
  • Individual crown options allowing for case-by-case customization
  • Crafted to last and designed with longevity and easy care in mind
  • A fixed implant solution that avoids movement and embarrassing encounters
  • Refined and efficient process allowing for same-day restoration
  • No more cavities, no more sensitive teeth, and no loose teeth

Love your Smile Again with Full-Arch Restoration: the Podcast

At Carolinas Center for Dental Implants (CCDI), you’ll receive unparalleled treatment and a custom dental solution designed specifically for your needs. You can rest assured, knowing that your smile is in the hands of highly trained and specialized experts.

Led by Dr. Craig Horton and Dr. Jim Howell, the CCDI team will help you regain your confidence. Backed by advanced degrees, plus years of training and experience, our doctors are uniquely equipped with the surgical expertise to provide you with a healthy, shining smile. Full-Arch Restoration with PermaBridge is the permanent solution for learning to love your smile again.